9 Reasons Why Seawater is Good for You

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9 Reasons why Seawater is good for you

  1. Seawater cleans your skin

The mineral salts team up with the sun to regenerate your skin. As a result, ulcers, lupus, acne, and psoriasis are some of the diseases that can be easily cured with sea water.

  1. Seawater strengthens the immune system

The number of red blood cells increases between five to 20 percent after a swim or bath in the sea. The number of white blood cells increases even more. Seawater is a fantastic medicine for people with a weakened immune system, anaemia, and high blood sugar levels.

  1. Seawater slows down the development of rheumatism

Ocean water combined with exercise is a great medication for bone and muscle pain, arthritis, circulatory, and post-surgical issues.

  1. Seawater reduces and eliminates anxiety

Because it contains magnesium, sea water will calm you down. People who live a stressful life are advised to go to the beach, not only for its relaxing atmosphere but also because of the soothing medicinal properties of seawater.

  1. Seawater has cicatrisation properties

Because it is rich in mineral salts such as sodium and iodine, ocean water has antiseptic and cicatrizing actions on you the skin.

  1. Seawater improves breathing

People who suffer from asthma, severe cough, phlegm and other respiratory problems should go to the beach to breathe the breeze and swim in the sea. The salt water helps to eliminate toxins and other elements that attack the lungs.

  1. Seawater cleans out the large intestine

The ingestion of small amounts of ocean water facilitates the cleansing of the colon, detoxifies the body and renews the body’s energies, especially in children.

  1. Seawater helps fight liver and kidney problems

Ocean water accelerates the process of cell regeneration, especially those damaged by diseases such as cirrhosis. It also helps eliminate the excess water accumulated in the abdomen that occurs as a consequence of the disease.

  1. Seawater prevents insomnia and reduces depressive symptoms

Because it helps normalize blood pressure and treats nervousness, a day at the beach will help you sleep better, and will naturally boost your mood.

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