Benefits of Exercise for Emotional Well-being

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Just a little yoga daily is perfect to keep the mind fresh

Believe it or not, someone who takes the time to go out and exercise every day or at least regularly will be noticeably happier than someone who never does. Your body and your mind are very intricately connected; if your body is not in good shape it is much harder to be happier and mentally stable. It can be done, but it will not be as effortless if you do not exercise as much.

When you exercise a lot, you sleep more. More sleep is one of the biggest factors that lead to emotional well-being. When you exercise a lot your body is actually being used to its full capacity; when your body is actually getting a lot of use you actually want to sleep more. Exercise can help with many types of mild sleep disorders.

Exercise can help with mild forms of depression as well. When you are doing some form of exercise you are creating new neural pathways, which literally changes the chemistry of your brain and how you think. You can use exercise as a mild antidepressant; it may not be able to cure your fully of depression, but it CAN help prevent relapses into depression. At the very least, exercise is a form of distraction that can help you switch to new ways of thinking.

Along the same lines, exercise can help prevent different forms of anxiety. If you pay attention while you work out you will often be able to prevent other negative and stressful thoughts from coming into your mind. Focus on your feet hitting the ground; put your full attention into every single rep.

You will also gain a high degree of mental sharpness. You will be able to grow new brain cells and stimulate new neural pathways; you can often prevent Alzheimer’s Disease by keeping your mind sharp through exercise. You will also see an increase in your memory and more energy. Exercise can provide more benefits than most drugs on the market!

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